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Cloud 9 Wooden Stool Chair

Cloud 9 Wooden Stool Chair

Product Code: FM0032
Availability: In stock

Overall Dimensions :
Width : 33.6 cm
Depth : 39 cm
Height : 40 cm
Seat heights : 16.5 / 23.5 cm and as a stool 30.5 cm
Seat dimensions : L30 x W23.8 cm
Weight : 4.2 kg

Color : Full natural / Natural with White color seat
Material : Solid Rubberwood

RM 149.00
1 piece available
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Product Description


Cloud 9 Wooden Stool is characterized by rounded edges, trapezoidal legs and a sturdy back which is slightly inclined that offers a great seating comfort for playing, writing, drawing, dining and other activities. Cloud 9 Wooden Stool design is classic but not lack of cuteness. Cloud 9 Wooden Stool is a Scandinavian design classic of the children’s room – its simplistic look complements all kinds of interiors, and its 3 different level of seating height fits easily together with small tables.

It's easy to move and also easy to wipe clean. It's also available in two color selection. Suitable for age 1-7 years.


-Made from Malaysia solid rubber wood.

-Comes in natural finish for safety and ease of cleaning 

-Strong and sturdy “My First Chair”

-3 level seat adjustment ensure that the height is just right for all stages of growth and development.

-Designed with rounded corners & edges for safety purpose

-Easily assembled and disassembled for convenient storage.

-Children able to sit with their feet flat on the ground which is more comfortable for them and helps them to sit properly.

What's included?

• 1 x Cloud 9 Wooden Stool Chair

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