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Cloud Wooden Wall Decoration Set

Cloud Wooden Wall Decoration Set

Product Code: FM0045
Availability: In stock

Product Dimension:

• Cloud Wooden Shelf :

-L 285 x W 100 x H 170 (MM)

•  Cloud Wooden Hooks: 

-L 600 x W 45 x H 50 (MM)

RM 89.00
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* Minimum Order: 1


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Product Description





Looking for attractive wall décor and additional storage for your nursery room? However, sometime the attractive decor items can be expensive and hard to find. With our Cloud wooden wall decoration set, you can organize, declutter and create more floor space by utilizing the walls efficiently. Besides, the décor set with Nordic style design makes your nursery room a simplistic and natural wall decoration.  


• Made from Malaysia solid rubber wood and MDF Board.

• Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process to assure children’s safety.

• Great for nursery wall decoration and storage

• Ideal gift for friends and families

• Easily assembled and disassembled for convenient storage.

What's included?

Set 1

• 1 x Cloud Wooden Shelf 

• 1 x Cloud Wooden Hooks

​​​​​​​Set 2

• 2 x Cloud Wooden Shelf 

​​​​​​​Set 3

• 2 x Cloud Wooden Hooks

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