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Clover Change Table (White)

Clover Change Table (White)

Product Code: FM0003
Availability: In stock

Change Table Assembled Dimensions: L 884 x W 574 x H 900 (MM)

Changing Top Internal Size: L803 x W490 (MM)

Assembled Weight: 26KG

RM 899.00
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Product Description

"Why do we name it Clover?"

As you can see from the four posts of the change table, it is designed with the shape similar to Four-leaf Clover. According to traditional superstition, four-leaf clover brings good luck as it is a rare variation of the common three-leaf clover. Our designer inspired by the meaning of four-leaf clover and wish Clover Change Table brings good luck to you and your baby. Not only that, another important point of this design is because of the shape. All of our products design with rounded edges to ensure the safety of your baby. 

The multi-functional Clover Change Table is ergonomically designed to ensure that parents are at the optimal height for changing your baby,  reducing back strain from heavy bending to change your babies nappies several times a day and night!

It has 2 levels storage shelf for all your extra baby’s needs that you want to store away safely, out of little hand’s reach and for bulkier items (perfect for large storage baskets). Half side of the storage shelfs have natural wood color spindle to help blocking and prevent your items from falling out. 


• Made from Malaysia solid rubber wood.

• Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process.

• Ergonomically designed for the perfect height for changing your baby.

• 2 additional storage shelves.

• Packed flat for easy home assembly, full instructions included.

• Requires change mat 49 x 80 cm.

What's included?

• 1 x Clover Change Table

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