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Delia Baby Cot Set

Delia Baby Cot Set

Product Code: FM0060
Availability: In stock


Baby Cot Overall Size: L1350 x W762 x H900 (MM)

Required Mattress Size: L1300 x W700 (MM)

RM 3099.00 RM 3599.00
9 piece available
You have reached the maximum quantity available for this item
* Inventory: 9
* Minimum Order: 1

Acorn Bedding Set - Stock ETA: Early of Aug ust'24

*Mosquito Net:
*Castors Installation (RM20):
*Bedding Set (RM220 Bundle Deals):
*Fitted Sheet / Bed Sheet (RM55):
*Funbies Cot Mobile:

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Product Description

"Why do we name it Delia?"

Delia Baby Cot is one of our pride and joy. Why we chose ‘Delia’ to represent this cot is because it means, happiness, peace and harmony and we always desire for our customers to receive only the best whenever they use our products. As you can see, the chosen colour brings harmony and it surely can matched with any kinds of atmostphere!


• First Malaysian made curve baby cot using Malaysia Rubberwood and high quality hardware materials.  

• Measurement: 1300L x 700W (mm)

• Mattress base level: 3 level

• Weight support: Up to 80kg

• Tested and complies with AS/NZS 2172:2013 – Australian Standard for Domestic use Cots

• Requires cot mattress 130 x 70cm

• 4 in 1 convertible curve baby cot: Convert to side bed, sofa bed and toddler bed

• Perfect for newborn to 7 years old child, depending on children's weight and height

• Preventing parents to purchase additional furniture at every stage of their child’s development.

• Baby Cot can be move around as it can installed with castors wheels.

What's included?

• 1 x Delia Baby Cot with pre castors wheel installation

• 1 x Funbies CertiPUR Foam Mattress

• 1 x 360° Protection Mosquito Net

• 1 x Cloud bed guard (Conversion kit)


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