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Funbies 3 IN 1 Sleeping Bag Set

Funbies 3 IN 1 Sleeping Bag Set

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Product Description

​​​​​​​The sleeping bag is worn wrapped around the baby's body. Regardless of the baby's movements, it stays securely in place, preventing it from riding up and covering the baby's face or nose, alleviating mothers' concerns about suffocation issues.

Cot Storage is attached outside of the baby cot. It can be used for storing sleeping bags. Additionally, it can also be utilized for storing baby items and other necessities.

Bunny Head soothing toy is a soft wristband designed to be worn on the baby's hand, providing entertainment while engaging the baby's senses of sight and touch. Additionally, it enhances the baby's focus.

Product Features

•  Sleeping bag is designed with a two-way zipper for effortless changing.

•  It can keep the baby warm and comfortable, while also soothing the baby

•  When folded up, it is highly portable and convenient to bring out and travel with.

•  Adorable design which is suitable for both baby girls and boys

•  Material: 100% cotton and Muslin 

•  Certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ensuring it is free from harmful substances.​​​​​​​

•  Baby sleeping bag – 650 (MM)

•  Baby Cot Storage – 220 x 220 (MM)

•  Baby Bunny Head Soothing Toy – 65 x 45 (MM)

What's Included

•  1 x Baby Sleeping Bag

•  1 x Cot Storage

• ​​​​​​​ 1 x Baby Bunny Head Soothing Toy

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