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Funbies Silicone Afternoon Tea Set

Funbies Silicone Afternoon Tea Set

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Product Description

​​​​​​​Safety First: Free from harmful chemicals like BPA, making the silicone tea set a safe and non-toxic option for children. funbies silicone tea set do not contain any BPA or harsh materials, ensuring they are safe and sturdy for everyday play.

Durable Play: funbies silicone tea set is resistant to breakage and can withstand the rough play typical of young children. This feature reassures parents that the toy will last, providing long-lasting entertainment.

Colorful and Attractive Designs: Offer a variety of vibrant and appealing colors, along with fun and imaginative designs. Children are drawn to bright colors and playful shapes, making the silicone toy tea set visually engaging.

Educational Elements: funbies silicone tea set not only makes the playtime more enriching for children but also appeals to parents who value toys that contribute to their child's learning and development.

Interactive Features: funbies silicone tea set consists of 15 pcs in a set. These silicone tea set can enhance the play experience, encouraging creativity and imagination in children.

Easy to clean: funbies silicone tea set is easy to clean, ensuring your kids can enjoy their play time without any worries. The silicone material is also sturdy enough to withstand everyday play.

Non-Slip and Grip-Friendly: funbies silicone tea set provides a non-slip surface, making it easier for little hands to grip and handle. This feature enhances the overall safety and usability of the toy tea set for younger children.

Portable and Lightweight: funbies silicone tea set is portable and lightweight. This makes it easy for children to carry around, facilitating play both indoors and outdoors.

Microwave and Freezer safe: Safe to use in the microwave or freezer. This can be convenient for warming or cooling certain foods.

What's included:

x1 Drawstring funbies pouch
x1 funbies silicone afternoon tea set

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