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Nura Nursing Pillow

Nura Nursing Pillow

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Nura Nursing Pillow
Product Description

The Nura Nursing Pillow (Pronounced as ‘Neu-Ra’) has been thoughtfully designed to serve various purposes. Firstly, it can be used as a pregnancy pillow, providing much-needed support to the back and baby bump while sleeping. As we all know, getting a good night's sleep during pregnancy can be challenging, but with the Nura Nursing Pillow, expectant mothers can lie comfortably and wake up refreshed. This multi-functional pillow not only serves as a pregnancy pillow for sleeping but it also doubles as a prop for tummy time, providing much-needed support and engagement for both mommy and baby. 

And that's not all! This pillow is also perfect for supporting sitting babies, ensuring their safety and helping them maintain an ergonomically correct position. Nura Nursing Pillow is made of exclusive high elastic material that hold the baby and the mother's body in correct positions. Mommy can enjoy better posture, more convenient life in daily activities and it designed special to minimizes the discomfort of a C-section incision by providing an excellent barrier between the baby and the mother’s incision, it enables a healing environment that promotes recovery.

Measurement: L120 x W58cm
Shape: Contour shape to fit all waist size. Wrap around waist. Help mommy to feel more secure and comfortable during breast feeding time. 
Fit: Mommy can adjust the fit or sizing by adjusting the adjustment buckle strap (Adjustable buckle strap to tighten for best fit).
Material: 100% cotton with polyester pillow filling. Cover have invisible zipper for removable and machine washable.


Multi-function: Pregnancy pillow for sleeping - can support back and baby bump while sleeping, tummy time for mommy, support for sitting babies, for baby lying in ergonomically correct position.

Minimize on C-section incision. Provide an excellent barrier between the baby and the mother’s incision. 

Reduce muscle strain on arms, shoulder, neck and spinal back.

Made of breathable, soft and high elastic material

Helps mom to provide the best nursing position for the baby

Support mother's body so that doesn't feel achy during breastfeeding.

Be a good support for babies when mommy wants to change or do several positions when sitting down.

Baby doesn't slip easily and doesn't make too much movement so that mommy also feels comfortable.

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