Wood Product Disclaimer

Information And Disclaimer On Our Wood Furniture

The natural beauty of wood furniture can elevate any space in your home, but it is important to acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual piece. As a natural material, wood responds to environmental temperature and humidity by expanding and contracting.

Each piece of rubberwood that we use comes with its own unique grain, colour, and texture. Hence, the characteristics of the wood on the actual product that you receive may vary slightly from the sample pictures shown on our website. While we try our best to ensure the end product represents the marketing photo as best as possible, we cannot guarantee it will appear exactly due to the inherent nature of wood.

Although we have taken every care in our production process to ensure the finished product is able to handle the change of temperature and humidity, the environment in your living space can affect the wood after some time and lead to small minor cracks as it adjusts. This is not a fault or defect; this phenomenon is not a cause for alarm to the furniture itself. If you are not prepared to accept the variety of colours, grains, and natural phenomena found in this wood, you should consider buying a different product.