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Funbies Disposable Bibs (5 packs)

Funbies Disposable Bibs (5 packs)

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Product Description

Keep your child clean during feeding time with the crumb catcher pocket that easily collects any spills, drips, crumbs and solid food that slip away when your child is eating
Leak proof liner keeps spills from leaking through.
Easy to use with self adhesive tab. Just discard after using.
Can be attached to your child's clothes with removable adhesive tape and help to prevent his or her clothes from any stains.
Made from strong but soft disposable material for the comfort of your child when using.
Comes with a resealable package that fits well in your handbag or diaper bag. Perfect for on-the go or even to be used at home.
Suitable for 6 months onwards


Made from super absorbent polymer material.
Back lining is made from waterproof material. Safe to be used for baby's skin.
Lightweight and easy to be carried out.
Neck width can be adjusted as the bib has a sticker on the neckline.Comes in a pack of 5 pcs
Measurement: 355mmx240mm


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