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Funbies Silicone Kitchen Toy Set

Funbies Silicone Kitchen Toy Set

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Product Description

Safe for kids: Our kids play kitchen sets are made of food-grade silicone materials, which is safe for children. Funbies silicone kitchen toy set do not contain any BPA or harsh materials, ensuring they are safe and sturdy for everyday play.

Educational montessori kitchen set: This montessori kitchen set is not only fun, but also educational. It helps toddlers develop fine motor skills, learn about kitchen tools and their functions, and enhances their creativity.

Multi-functional Pieces: funbies silicone kitchen toy set offer versatility with multi-functional pieces that can be used in various ways, encouraging imaginative play and creativity. For example, a spatula that can also serve as a mixing spoon or a rolling pin with dual purposes.

Realistic Texture and Feel: Realistic texture, providing a sensory-rich experience for children that closely mimics actual kitchen tools.

Innovative Designs: Unique and innovative designs in the set, making it visually appealing and capturing the imagination of children. Funbies silicone kitchen toy set also provide your children with colourful and appealing kitchen set.

Easy to clean: funbies silicone kitchen toy set is easy to clean, ensuring your kids can enjoy their play time without any worries. The silicone material is also sturdy enough to withstand everyday play.

Microwave and Freezer safe: Safe to use in the microwave or freezer. This can be convenient for warming or cooling certain foods.

Safe for all ages: Free from sharp edges and made with safety in mind. They may also be heat resistant. However, they are not meant for use in actual cooking. Suitable for a wide range of ages and comply with safety standards.

What's included:

x1 Drawstring funbies pouch
x1 funbies silicone kitchen toy set

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